How to get EASY Prizerebel Referrals

11 Jun

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So as I mentioned in my first post, referrals are the best way of achieving points on prizerebel. I have made a guide on how to get referrals very easily.

Here it is:

[Tactic 1]:

This is a small little tactic, but can still work. Make your very own ebook. Make it based on something like —– How I got my ps3 in less than a week—— Talk all about prizerebel and how it works, slip in your referral link at the top, and the bottom of the ebook. Now sense you have an ebook, you can list it to the large amount of ebook sites. That’s it.

[Tactic 2:]

When you finnaly order an item off ebay and leave feedback say something like- Thanks, fast shipping, love the (item you ordered), I got a (example: points card) for it for free from prizerebel. (Your referral link) If someone wants to order an item from that person they will look at the feedback, your referral link will be in their feedback. And them thinking they can get free stuff so they will sign up. Can be a good tactic.

[Tactic 3]:

When your on ebay, you can leave reviews on certian items. Say something like —- Im so glad I got this, it just came today, I custom ordered it off prizerebel, so I got it for free! This thing is awesome!—

[Tactic 4]:

This is another forums. Post a thread saying “giving out xbox live 48 hour codes”
In the body of the thread write pm me and you might get it ill have to choose who gets them. I have 4 left. Then you will get a load of messages. Respond to each of them saying, sorry im out of them. But I got them for free from prizerebel. You just complete a few surveys. Heres the link (YOUR MASKED REF LINK)

[Tactic 5]:

This is a website where people submit their favorite and best videos,pictures,and websites. Simply submit your referral link and have the title be something like —–How I get my free prizes daily—-

[Tactic 6]:

Itunes Reviews

Go to itunes store and look at the popular list or the top 10 music list. Find the number one downloaded song. Write a review for it saying something like —— This is a pretty good song, but I bailed on buying itunes gift cards, Now i get them for free from prizerebel. Oh and if your interested heres the link to prizerebel. (Your masked referral link) —— You can do this think for any type of review, and its a very good tactic for referrals.

[Tactic 7]: 

Websites for teachers –

When you are at sites for teachers you can add your own site. Add prizerebel. Say —- A fun assignment, let your students and their parents complete a few surveys and they can win a prize!—- teachers will see that and kids that are online will see that. They will definitly be interested. Have the link to the site be your referral link (masked) Remask your referral link to be something like or something like that. It might not get a ton of referrals but can bring in a few.Continued:

[Tactic 8]:

Create an account on

You will then create a “job”.

Here is an example. I suggest you do not use the same example I am giving you,because you will not get refs then.

Job title- Front End Office Assistant Need

Michael and Michael
Front End Office Assistant Need
Post Date: Mar 28, 2009 Type: Part time
Start Date: Salary: $12-$15hr
Location: New York-New York City – Manhattan Job Reference:

Job Description:
own many businesses within the new york city limits. Upper and Lower NYC/ Manhatten areas and we are expanding our offices at a rapid rate. I am looking for a confident, orgainzed, office assistant asap!

Job requires:

* Computer Skills (Microsoft Office, Word, Excel)
* Must Be Able To Multi-task well
* Exceptional Organizational Skills

Pay Rate:
* $12-$15hr

Please email application with title “NYC Job 4123-2” in the subject line


Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

You will not start getting e-mails INSTANTLY, so give it a day or two. Once they e-mail you back, I usually respond with this statement:

I have gone over your application, but I need to sort out the real from the fake. Many people tend to have bots online. I have provided a link (my sons link):

To sort this out, I need you go to the link above, sign up, confirm email and phone number. Once that is done, please contact me back.

[Tactic 9]:

The site is You simply add a link and you get hits on it. The link appears to remain on the first page for about 3 minutes. You can’t keep adding the same link over and over, so what I do is mask the ref link over and over. This will you get you fast referrals if you keep adding your link. Good luck! This tactic works best for Cashle/***.

[Tactic 10]:
This is a gaming blog. They update nearly every hour, and so many people comment. Comment the blog ( Make it look real), and near the end bring in your site and add your MASKED ref link.

This works, and has gotten me several refs. BUT MAKE IT LOOK REAL. Don’t just spam your ref link everywhere. Take the time and comment the blog, and then go into your ref link.

[Tactic 11]:

Post in LIVE chat rooms. This site has MANY chat rooms. Find the most popular one, start a conversation, for example, “Who here likes video games”, talk with that person, until you get to the point and say “These games are overpriced, you should try”

Another site you can try is (No you do not need to download the messenger. Somewhere on the site they have chat rooms. They also say how many people are in each of them. They have a room called “Teens”. You will attract the most attention here, because these are kids between 13- 19.. These kids LOVE video games!

mIRC. (you have to download it and know how to set it up.) Don’t know if you guys have ever heard of mIRC but its an Internet Relay Chat. Same thing as a chat room but its not using the browser and you could do so much more with it. If you go to google, you can search “Top IRC servers”. You’ll find servers with 2k people in them. DO NOT SPAM, but start a conversation with people ( Or you will get banned).

[Tactic 12]:

If you play World of Warcraft, you can go into their Off topic section in the forums, and you can make a topic on how to get FREE WoW gametime. You will not get banned either, because I’ve tried this when I USED to play WoW. But remember, you need to have access to the game ( $15 a month) to have access to the forums.

The above tactic works for other MMO games as well. You can go onto several forums for several diff games, and try this tactic. DO NOT SPAM THOUGH, or you will be asking yourself for a ban. This tactic GARUNTEES you referrals. Go, find the top mmo games, and their forums.

[Tactic 13]:

Forum signatures!

This site has a list of the worlds biggest forums. Try joining some and becoming a trustworthy member. Add a signature, saying ” I got FREE Xbox 360 games from _______”. Don’t go spamming these boards, because i can guarantee you an instant ban.

[Tactic 14]:

E-Mail Auto Responses

If you use hotmail, yahoo, or gmail, you can set auto responses. Whenever someone messages you, it will auto response. Its called a “vacation response”. Set the response as your referral link and explain it. If you use emailing heavily, this is a really good tactic.

[Tactic 15]:

(there was another site but I don’t remember)

These are sites in which people post the best deals on video games. Your best bet is to find an awesome deal on Redflagdeals and try to incorporate your ref link within the post. Cheapassgamer also has a ref section, where you can make ONE topic on your ref link. (Think you have to be a member for 30 days to post in that section). Both these sites are good, and have gotten me several referrals in the past.

[Tactic 16]:

Create a blog like this one, and use a website like to get traffic to your blog.

[Tactic 17]:

Make a youtube video asking people to join Prizerebel like this one


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