How to Complete Daily Surveys on Prizerebel

30 Apr

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Daily Surveys

Daily Surveys are offers that you can repeat once every 24 hours. They can be found under Get points>Complete Offers>Daily.

These offers are usually lengthier than regular offers as each daily offer has a section for screening candidates. This guide introduces the basic structure of a daily survey and showcases how you can utilize it to gain more points everyday.


After clicking on the offer, you will usually have to answer a couple questions to identify if you qualify for the survey as Daily Surveys only accept a certain demographic audience for their surveys.

It is essential you are answering these questions TRUTHFULLY and using accurate information about yourself to see if you qualify. This is also important to ensure crediting. Penalties will be applied if false information is used.

If you do qualify for an offer, you will be taken to the actual survey to answer the questions there.


Daily offers look for very specific demographics for their offers, so do not be disheartened if you do not qualify for a survey. Usually an offer will offer the option for another survey. So if you did not qualify for the prior one, you can continue until you find one that you qualify for.  If you do not qualify for an offer, you can try again to qualify at a later date if you do not currently qualify.

Remembers we also offer a multitude of daily offers, so you can always attempt a different offer. You are allowed to do these offers DAILY, so you can repeat these offers again in a 24-hour period to gain more points.

If you do qualify for the daily offer, that’s great! You’ll be directed towards the actual survey. Please make sure you read through it and fill it out with your information. Complete the survey until the Thank you page/Final page. Any additional details you need to complete will be listed under the offer. Remember, you can try this offer again in 24 hours regardless if you are credited or not credited.

Daily Offers are a great source for extra points, but remember that they can only be attempted once within a 24-hour period or you may run into problems. And it is VERY important that you make sure you are using real and honest information that belongs to you. If you falsify any information for these daily surveys, it will only negatively impact the research company and you could be disqualified, have your points deducted, and even banned.


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