Prizerebel Referral: 10 Quick tips!

24 May

Here are some ways that can help you get referrals for Prizerebel, very easily (courtesy of prizerebel):

1.  Make a FREE website ( or blog (

2.  Sign up for, or any other website(s) that give your website/blog traffic.  In about three days, I got 400 people to view my webiste (easyhits4u), and I think 9 signed up from my referral link.  On LinkReferral, about 30 people viewed my website, and I don’t think anyone signed up from my referral link yet…

3.  Post your website/blog/referral link on the general forums on LinkReferral.  They have a section for posting your website/blog/referral link (located near the end of the Forums Page, in the General Sub-Topic).

4.  Think of popular shows on TV, and go to their website, see if they have a forum or even if they have stories to comment on.

5.  Go to a website that has gaming or technology news (Like, read some of the stories, and add a comment.  Make sure that most of your comment is about the story, and then at the end include something like:

“Yeah, I can’t wait for ——- to come out!

Please visit my website at ———.”

6.  Go to iTunes, go to the Top Songs section, make a review, and post your website, referral link, or blog at the end of your review.

7.  Create an account at and find the most popular addons and comment on them.  Be sure to add your website, blog, or referral link to it.

8.  If you have a PS3 and LittleBigPlanet, make a level, and in your level description, be sure to include your website/blog/referral link in it.

9.  Create a couple of YouTube videos.  Then, create a couple of accounts and upload the video to all of your accounts.  Make sure that each video has different tags so that even more people will see the videos!

10.  Get some games that you don’t want anymore and either sell it to Gamestop, eBay, etc., and put a piece of paper explaining what PrizeRebel is and that you can get free games, consoles, gift cards, and other things.  Make sure to include your website/blog/referral link in it!

Don’t forget to enter the Runescape membership raffle, head over to here to find out how YOU can win!


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