Getting Referrals with Little Effort

04 Jun

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Now I’ve made other guides on getting referrals, but this is by far the easiest way. Remember to sign up at

Too often users make the mistake of simply spamming their referral links on forums, facebook, yahoo answers. The following is a much better way that will result in active referrals

When it comes to referrals, its important to realize who you are targetting. Are you trying to target xbox users, wii gamers, ps3 gamers, users who play facebook games etc?

Setup a blog on hosts such as wordpress or blogspot or even a site setup on

Instead of making a “general website” where you mention how to get freebies on PR, create NICHE specific blogs/websites that target a specific audience.

For example if I am setting up a bunch of blogs I might do something like


You get the idea

For each blog I may use the same template, I can start by introducing the site and concept, I will show testimonials (both pics and youtube vids). I will have a few banners around the site and then finally I will show a video or a written process of how a user can signup, do a few offers and claim a prize. I can even list a few offers that are the top crediting offers. However on each site you need to change some words, pics/ videos around to cater to what the user is looking for.

Essentially I am setting up different blogs/sites that target different users. Its important to also note that I am using specific keypharses in the subdomain or the domain (depends if you get your own domain or blogspot)

The keywords will be important in helping you get ranked for those keywords in google and other search engines. For more on search engine optimization and link building you can google those topics.

Once you have your site ready, you can then figure out how to get traffic to it through various ways that are mentioned on the forum, ex. youtube videos, question and answer sites, facebook/other social networks, obtaining search engine keyword rankings (SEO) etc.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!


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