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Free Runecoins and Treasure Hunter Keys

Free Runecoins and Treasure Hunter Keys

We all know that Runescape has introduced many micro transactions to help us level our stats quick, get vanity items, and make them richer. RuneCoins are a source of currency used to purchase vanity items, skill related emotes, pets, new hairstyles and even items that can increase bank space.

RuneCoinsThere’s also the infamous Treasure Hunter keys, which members get 2 of each day for free, free to play players get only 1. The keys unlock various bits of vanity armor, skill lamps and skill stars (which give bonus exp), and also modified versions of God Swords-just as good at the ones you can buy for millions on the GE.

Treasure Hunter Keys

These are all well and good, but with only 2 keys a day, and no RuneCoins ever, how are we meant to get anything good? Simply by paying a small fee for them, but even that can become a very big fee if you were to keep purchasing RuneCoins and keys.

But never fear, there is a way to get them for free, in fact there are two ways!

Firstly, earning the keys and RuneCoins through completing offers.

To earn RuneCoins through doing offers, log in to the game, and click the extra offers button, pictured below.

Runecoin Offers

Now this will bring up a dialogue giving you four options. If you want the Treasure Hunter Keys, click on Treasure Hunter, for RuneCoins, click on Solomon’s General Store.

Keys For Frees

This will bring you to a third page, Solomon’s General Store will take you to a webpage outside of your RS client. For Treasure Hunter Keys, you’ll open up the Minigame window, still within you client. Once both have loaded, click on the “EARN KEYS” buttons, picture in both of the photos below.Treasure Hunter Keys RuneCoins Offers Earn


Now both will take you to similar pages, with similar offers, the difference being that the offers on the pages give you Keys or RuneCoins, depending on which EARN you clicked.

RuneCoin Offers Page Keys Offers


All you have to do is complete as many of the listed offers as you want, and you’ll have more than enough RuneCoins and Treasure Hunter keys in no time.

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